Topic Last Modified: 2013-10-02

The Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Lync Room System (LRS) Administrative Web Portal is a web portal that organizations can use to maintain their Lync Room System conference rooms. Administrators can use the LRS Administrative Web Portal to monitor LRS health, for example by monitoring audio/video devices that are connected. With this portal, administrators can remotely collect diagnostic information to monitor conference room health.

The LRS Administrative Web Portal is deployed on a Lync Front End Server end server. This guide provides instructions for administrators about how to install and configure the LRS Administrative Web Portal. It is intended for administrators who have knowledge of Lync Server administration, and who have administrator user rights to modify the Lync Server topology.

After LRS Administrative Web Portal is deployed on the server, administrators can check the status of all LRS rooms by logging on to the site from their own computers or laptops.

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