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This tab (and the AntiVirus Updater tab) will only be visible when you have installed SecurityPlus for MDaemon. To obtain SecurityPlus for MDaemon, visit

Scanner Configuration

Enable AntiVirus scanning

Click this checkbox to enable AntiVirus scanning of messages. When MDaemon receives a message with attachments, it will activate SecurityPlus for MDaemon and scan them for viruses before delivering the message to its final destination.

Exclude gateways from virus scanning

Click this checkbox if you want messages bound for one of MDaemon's domain gateways to be excluded from virus scanning. This may be desirable for those who wish to leave the scanning of those messages to the domain's own mail server. For more information on domain gateways, see Domain Gateways.

Refuse to accept messages that are infected with viruses

Click this option is you wish to scan incoming messages for viruses during the SMTP session rather than after the session is concluded, and then reject those messages found to contain viruses. Because each incoming message is scanned before MDaemon officially accepts the message and concludes the session, the sending server is still responsible for it—the message hasn't technically been delivered yet. Thus the message can be rejected outright when a virus is found. Further, because the message was rejected, no further AntiVirus related actions listed on this dialog will be taken. No quarantine or cleaning procedures will be taken, and no notification messages will be sent. This can greatly reduce the number of infected messages and virus notification messages that you and your users receive.

The SMTP-(in) log will show the result of AV processing. The possible results you might see are:

· the message was scanned and found infected with a virus
· the message was scanned and no virus was found
· the message could not be scanned (usually because a ZIP or other type or attachment could not be opened/accessed)
· the message could not be scanned (it exceeds the max size limit)
· an error occurred during the scan

Configure Exclusions

Click the Configure Exclusions button to specify recipient addresses to exclude from virus scanning. Messages bound for these addresses will not be scanned for viruses by SecurityPlus for MDaemon. Wildcards are allowed in these addresses. You could therefore use this feature to exclude entire domains or specific mailboxes across all domains. For example, "* or "VirusArchive@*".

When viruses are detected...

Click one of the options in this section to designate the action that MDaemon will take when SecurityPlus for MDaemon detects a virus. nothing (use content filter to handle)

Choose this option if you wish to take none of the above actions, and have set up content filter rules to take some alternative actions instead.

...delete the entire message

This option will delete the entire message rather than just the attachment when a virus is found. Because this deletes the whole message, the "Add a warning..." option doesn't apply. However, you can still send a notification message to the recipient by using the controls on the Notifications tab.

...quarantine the entire message to...

This option is like the "Delete the entire message" option above, but the message will be quarantined in the specified location rather than deleted.

...delete the infected attachment

This option will delete the infected attachment. The message will still be delivered to the recipient but without the infected attachment. You can use the "Add a warning..." control on the bottom of this dialog to add text to the message informing the user that an infected attachment was deleted.

...quarantine the infected attachment to...

Choose this option and specify a location in the space provided if you want infected attachments to be quarantined to that location rather than deleted or cleaned. Like the "Delete the infected attachment" option, the message will still be delivered to the recipient but without the infected attachment.

...clean the infected attachment

When this option is chosen, SecurityPlus for MDaemon will attempt to clean (i.e. disable) the infected attachment. If the attachment cannot be cleaned, it will be deleted.

Add warning to top of message body if infected

When one of the "...attachment" options is chosen above, click this option if you want to add some warning text to the top of the previously infected message before it is delivered to the recipient. Thus you can inform the recipient that the attachment was stripped and why.

Warning message...

Click this button to display the warning text that will be added to messages when the "Add a warning message..." feature is used. After making any desired changes to the text, click "OK" to close the dialog and save the changes.