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Content Filter and AntiVirus

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Content Filter

The Content Filter (Security » Content Filter) can be used for a large number of purposes such as: preventing spam email, intercepting messages containing viruses before they reach their final destination, copying certain emails to one or more additional users, appending a note or disclaimer to the bottom of messages, adding, and deleting headers, stripping email attachments, deleting messages, and more. Because individual Content Filter rules are created by the administrator, and because of their diversity, they can be used in many situations and are limited for the most part only be the creativity of the person creating them. With a little bit of thought and experimentation, this feature can be very useful.

SecurityPlus for MDaemon

In a joint effort with Kaspersky Labs, a world-renowned anti-virus software developer, Alt-N Technologies has developed SecurityPlus for MDaemon, an anti-virus engine that can be installed and integrated with MDaemon. When SecurityPlus is installed you will see two additional tabs on the Content Filter dialog: AntiVirus and AV Updater. These tabs are used to directly control the product's features and designate what actions MDaemon will take when a virus is detected. For MDaemon PRO users, SecurityPlus also contains a feature called Outbreak Protection, which is not heuristics-based or signature dependent like the traditional protection tools, but is designed to catch spam, phishing and virus attacks that are part of an ongoing outbreak, and which can sometimes by missed by the traditional tools. To obtain SecurityPlus for MDaemon, visit