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Maximum log file size [xx] KB

This is the maximum size in kilobytes that a log file may reach. Once this size is reached, the log file is copied to LOGFILENAME.OLD and a new log is started.

Perform no more than one automatic backup per day

When limiting the log file size, click this checkbox if you want no more than one log file to be backed up per day. Each day, the first time that the maximum log file size is reached it will be renamed to "*.OLD" and saved normally. The subsequent log file will continue to grow regardless of the maximum size specified. It will not be rolled over until the next day — even if the maximum size setting is surpassed.

Overwrite existing log files when log file names change at midnight

By default, when MDaemon changes the log file's name at midnight and the filename to which it is changing already exists, it will append newly logged information to the existing file. For example, if MDaemon is changing from Monday.log to Tuesday.log and a file named Tuesday.log already exists, it will append newly logged data to the existing file rather than overwrite it or create a new one. Click this checkbox if you want MDaemon to overwrite any existing file rather than append new data to it.


Automatically ZIP and archive log file older than XX days (0=never)

Click this option if you want MDaemon to archive each log file whose age exceeds the number of days specified. Each day at midnight, MDaemon will ZIP old *.log and *.old files and move them to the \Logs\OldLogs\ subfolder (deleting the original files in the process). This process will not archive or delete files that are in use, nor will it archive files when the "Create a standard set of log files" option is selected on the Log Mode screen.

Archive now

Click this button to archive old log files immediately rather than waiting for MDaemon to archive them automatically at midnight.