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Active Directory

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Use the options on this screen if you wish to pull some list member addresses from Active Directory.

Active Directory

Base entry DN

Specify the Distinguished Name (DN) or starting point in the Directory Information Tree (DIT) at which MDaemon will search Active Directory for addresses. You can use "LDAP://rootDSE" in this option to begin searching at Root DSE, which is the topmost entry in your Active Directory hierarchy. Designating a more precise starting point closer to the location of your user accounts or desired group of addresses in your particular Active Directory tree can reduce the amount of time required to search the DIT. Leave this field blank if you do not wish to pull any list addresses from Active Directory.

Search filter

This is the LDAP search filter that will be used when for searching Active Directory. Use this filter to enable MDaemon to more precisely locate the desired user accounts or addresses that you wish to treat as list members.

Bind DN

This is the DN that MDaemon will use when binding to Active Directory using LDAP. Active Directory permits the use of a Windows account or UPN when binding.

When using a DN in this option rather than a Windows logon, you must disable/clear the "Use secure authentication" option below.


This is the password that corresponds to the DN or Windows logon used in the Bind DN option above.


Click this button to your Active Directory configuration.

Search scope:

This is the scope or extent of your Active Directory searches.

Base DN only

Choose this option if you wish to limit your search to only the base DN specified above. The search will not proceed below that point in your tree (DIT).

1 level below base DN

Use this option if you wish extend your Active Directory search to one level below the supplied DN in your DIT.

Base DN and all children

This option will extend the scope of your search from the supplied DN to all of its children, down to the lowest child entry in your DIT.


Use secure authentication

Click this checkbox if you wish to use secure authentication when performing your Active Directory searches. You cannot use this option when you are using a DN rather than a Windows logon in the Bind DN option above.

Use SSL authentication

Click this checkbox if you wish to use SSL authentication when performing your Active Directory searches.

Page size

If the results of an Active Directory query exceed a specified number of entries, then they will be returned in separate "pages" in order to retrieve all the results. This setting is the maximum number of entries that will be included per page.

Use of this option requires an SSL server and infrastructure on your Windows network and Active Directory. Contact your IT department if you are unsure if your network is setup this way, and to find out if you should enable this option.

Email address attribute

You must use this field to specify the attribute that will contain the email addresses used by this list. For example, if you used "Mail" in this field, then each Active Directory account that you wish to be treated as a list member must have the "Mail" attribute, and that attribute must contain an email address.