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Using this feature you can maintain the list's membership list in an ODBC compliant database. The ODBC screen of the Mailing List editor is used to select a data source, table, and field mappings for MDaemon to link to the list. When messages arrive for your list one or more SQL queries will be performed automatically and the resulting email addresses will be treated as part of the list's membership.

You can add, remove, and modify members of your list in the database using whatever ODBC compliant database application you choose.


This section displays the current ODBC properties that you have set up for the mailing list. It displays the database's field mappings and the SQL queries that you have configured to designate each member's membership status (i.e. Normal, Post Only, Read Only, and/or Digest mode).

Connect to new ODBC source

Click this button to open the ODBC Selector Wizard for choosing the system data source that you wish to use for the mailing list.

Disconnect from ODBC source

Click this button to disconnect the list from the ODBC data source listed in the space above.