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Creating a New ODBC Data Source

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To create a new ODBC system data source for use by a mailing list:

1. On the ODBC screen of the Mailing List editor, click Connect to new ODBC source to open the ODBC Selector Wizard.
2. Click New DSN to open the Select Data Source dialog.

3. Switch to the Machine Data Source tab, and click New... to open the Create New Data Source dialog.

4. Select System Data Source, and click Next.

5. Select the database driver for which you wish to set up the data source, and click Next.

6. Click Finish to display the driver-specific setup dialog. The appearance of this dialog will vary based on which driver you have selected (Microsoft Access Setup dialog shown below).

7. Designate a Data Source Name for your new data source and provide any other information required by the driver-specific dialog (such as creating or specifying a database, choosing a directory or server, and so on).
8. Click OK to close the driver-specific dialog.
9. Click OK to close the Select Data Source dialog.