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If missing, insert these headers


When a message is encountered that doesn't have a "Date:" header, MDaemon will create one and add it to the message file if this option is enabled. It will be the date on which MDaemon first receives the message, not when it was created by the sender. There are some mail clients that do not create this header, and since some mail servers refuse to honor such messages, this feature will enable them to be delivered.


When this option is enabled and a message is encountered that doesn't have a "Reply-To" header, MDaemon will create and add one to the message file using the address found in the "From" header. If a "Reply-To" header is present but empty, MDaemon will create the header like this: Reply-To: "". This fixes problems for some mail clients.


When a message is encountered that doesn't have a "Message-ID" header, MDaemon will create one and insert it into the message.

If present, remove these headers


Click this checkbox if you wish to strip out all "X-RBL-Warning:" headers found in messages. This option is disabled by default.


Enable this option if you wish to strip old "X-Spam-Flag:" headers from messages.

Received (list mail only)

Check this box if you wish to strip all existing "Received:" headers from mailing list messages.

All headers starting with X- (inbound mail only)

MDaemon and other mail servers use many server specific headers called X-Type headers in order to route mail and perform various other functions. When this option is enabled, MDaemon will strip out these headers from inbound messages. Note: this option does not remove X-RBL-Warning headers.

Add these headers

Precedence: bulk (system generated mail only)

When this box is checked all system generated messages (welcome messages, warnings, "could not deliver" messages, and so on) will have a "Precedence: bulk" header inserted.

X-Authenticated-Sender: (authenticated mail only)

By default MDaemon will add the "X-Authenticated-Sender:" header to messages that arrive on an authenticated session using the AUTH command. Uncheck this box if you do not wish to add this header.

Content-ID: (RAW messages with attachments)

Check this box if you wish to add unique MIME Content-ID headers to messages that MDaemon creates from a RAW file that contains attachments.

Sender: (mailing list mail only)

Enable this option if you wish to insert the Sender header into mailing list messages. Note: because the Sender header is required when DomainKeys signing list messages, this option will have no effect when you have configured MDaemon to DomainKeys sign them — all list mail will have a Sender header.

'For' sections to 'Received:' headers

Click this switch if you want "For [SMTP Recipient]" sections to be added to the message's "Received:" header added by MDaemon.

Insert this header/value into all mailing list mail [header]

If you wish to add a static header/value combination (such as "Precedence: bulk") to all list messages, then specify that text here.


Hide local IPs when processing message headers

Click this option to prevent MDaemon from placing local IP addresses into message headers when it processes mail.

...also hide LAN IPs (configured in RAS setup)

If MDaemon is configured to hide local IP addresses, click this check box if you also wish to hide the IP addresses listed on the LAN IPs screen.

Respond to all 'Return-Receipt-To:' requests

Click this check box if you wish to honor requests for delivery confirmation from incoming messages and automatically send a confirmation message to the sender. This option is disabled by default.