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Remote Server Control via Email

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Many functions of MDaemon can be accessed remotely using the email transport system itself. For example, users can gain access to various aspects of their accounts and change or reconfigure them by sending email messages to the server. MDaemon maintains an account for its own use in the user base. This account is reached by sending mail to the mailbox, "". Messages sent to the server are stored in the server's message directory just like any other user. At queue run time the server will cycle through all the mail it has received and parse each message for special instructions.

Some of these control messages require a valid account on the server, and are password protected. For those commands which require a valid account, the message must be authenticated during the SMTP process using SMTP AUTH.

There are three, broad categories of commands that can be used in email messages: Account Access and Control, Mailing List and Catalog, and General Email.