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Spam Honeypots

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Spam Honeypots (located at Security » Spam Filter » Spam Honeypots) is for designating local email addresses purposely designed to collect spam. These spam honeypots are not valid MDaemon accounts or address aliases and should never be used for sending or receiving legitimate email. But, by posting a honeypot address to a news group, public mailing list, or other source from which spammers often farm addresses, you should begin to see incoming messages addressed to the spam honeypots — you could also pull addresses from other spam that you have received addressed to other invalid local addresses. Because honeypots will never receive legitimate email, all incoming messages addressed to them will always be routed directly to your Bayesian spam trap folder for processing. Further, the IP addresses of the sending servers can optionally be added to the Dynamic Screening system, banning future connections from those addresses for a designated period of time. All of this helps increase the probability of identifying and blocking spam in the future.

Spam Honeypots

This list contains all addresses that you have designated as Spam Honeypots.

New spam honeypot

To add a spam honeypot, enter the address here and click Add.


To remove a spam honeypot, select the desired address and then click Remove.

Submit sending IPs to the Dynamic Screening system

Check this box if you wish to submit to the Dynamic Screening system all IP addresses from which a Spam Honeypots message arrives. The Dynamic Screen (located at Security » Security Settings » Screening » Dynamic Screen) must be enabled on your server before this feature will be available.