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Using WorldClient

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Starting WorldClient

There are three ways to start/stop the WorldClient server:

1. In the Stats pane on the left-hand side of the MDaemon GUI, right-click on the WorldClient entry and choose the Toggle Active/Inactive selection on the shortcut menu.
2. Click "File » Enable WorldClient" server on the main interface.
3. Click "Setup » Web, Sync, & IM Services" on the main interface, and then click WorldClient runs using built-in web server on the Web Server screen.

Logging in to WorldClient

1. Point your web-browser to This port is designated on the Web Server screen of the WorldClient section. If you configure WorldClient to listen to the default web port (port 80) then you do not need to denote the port number in the login URL (e.g. instead of
2. Type your MDaemon account's user name and password.
3. Click Sign-in.

Changing WorldClient's Port Setting

1. Click "Setup » Web, Sync, & IM Services" on the menu bar.
2. Type the desired port number in the control labeled Run WorldClient Server using this TCP Port.
3. Click OK.

Client-side Help

WorldClient is equipped with extensive client-side help for your users. See the online help system within WorldClient for information on the client features and functions.