This topic provides a list of known issues as well as methods to troubleshoot problems with Notes personal mail archive migration.

Extraction Versus Injection

Personal mail archive migration consists of two phases that generally run in parallel — extraction from the Notes database and transformation/injection into Exchange Web Services.

It may be difficult to determine if a problem is related to extraction or transformation/injection without running the migration serially.

In the Transporter Command Shell, you can perform extraction only using a command of the form:

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$allitems = Get-NotesMailArchive –DominoMailDomain 'Domino domain' ‑ContentOwner 'smtp_address@of.user' –SourceFileName 'source_path'

It is also possible to perform extraction to a binary file:

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Get-NotesMailArchive –DominoMailDomain 'Domino domain' ‑ContentOwner 'smtp_address@of.user' –SourceFileName 'source_path' | Export‑TransporterBinary –TargetFilePath 'path' –TargetFilePrefix 'prefix' 

Injection can be performed using a command similar to:

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$allitems | Add-ExchangeItem 

And to import (inject) the binary file:

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Import-TransporterBinary –SourceFileName 'sourcefilename' | Add-ExchangeItem 

Extraction Issues

Corrupt databases may not present day-to-day problems for clients, but may be exposed by migration, since migration attempts to read every item in a database. Database maintenance on local Notes databases is not usually performed.

If errors are generated during extraction, you can run a series of commands against the database to check for and correct corrupt records. You can only run the commands on a local copy of a Notes database. If the databases are in use, the tools will fail. Example commands are:

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C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\nfixup databasename.nsf –f
C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\nupdall databasename.nsf –r
C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\ncompact databasename.nsf

These tools may not always fix the problem; they may not repair all documents within a database, or the problem may be in the logic the Transporter Suite uses when extracting documents. In most cases, the extraction logic will skip over items that cannot be understood or read correctly, with warnings generated indicating the type of problem that occurred.

It is also possible that the wrong database template has been applied to a Personal Address Book file. You can apply a new database template in the Notes client by locating the database on the workspace, right-clicking to bring up the context menu, and choosing Database/Replace Design, and then choosing the design to apply. Personal mail archives should use the MAILx.NTF (version-specific ‘Mail’) template.

Transformation and Injection Issues

The troubleshooting methodology for transformation/injection issues when migrating personal mail archives is the same as for Migrating Mailboxes. See the Transformation/Injection Issues in Troubleshooting Mail Migration Issues