After you have configured extensions for the Office Communications Server Sync tool, configure the rule that determines what Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) will do when a user object is deleted in a forest and how it will synchronize the deletion with the central forest. If a user object is deleted in a user forest, the corresponding contact object that is used by Office Communications Server in the central forest must also be deleted. Configuring the object deletion rule ensures that MIIS and Office Communications Server handle this situation correctly.

To configure the object deletion rule

  1. On the MIIS computer, start Identity Manager: Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Identity Integration Server, and then click Identity Manager.

  2. Click Metaverse Designer. The Identity Managerwindow appears as shown below.

  3. Under Object types, right-click person.

  4. In the adjacent Actionspane, click Configure Object Deletion Rule.

  5. In the Configure Object Deletion Ruledialog box, which is shown below, click Rules Extension,and then click OK.