The ListCAaction is used to list all published CAs in the domain. The ListCAaction requires the following syntax.

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LCSCmd.exe /Cert /Action:ListCA [/L:<log file path>]

Such as:

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LcsCmd.exe /Cert /Action:ListCA


Parameter Description


Executes the selected certificate task on the current computer.


Takes a string that specifies the action name. Valid action names include Request, CheckStatus, ImportResponse, ImportPFX, ExportPFX, ListCA, and ImportCAChain.


Specifies the log file path. If not specified, %TEMP%\<ActionName>[<Date>][<Time>].html is used. To disable logging, use a dash character (-) as the log file name.


Specifies whether the log file to be generated should be in XML format instead of HTML.


Shows Help on usage.