In Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2, the Monitoring Server performs both Quality of Experience (QoE) data gathering and Call Detail Record (CDR) functionality. This consolidation simplifies deployment and management, and it reduces the cost of ownership.

QoE data collected includes metrics data about audio and video quality from the A/V Conferencing Server component of Front End Servers and Standard Edition servers, Mediation Server, and clients such as Office Communicator, Office Communicator Phone Edition, and Live Meeting. CDR data is usage information that is related to VoIP calls, IM messages, A/V conversations, meetings, application sharing, remote assistance, and file sharing, and it is collected for both peer-to-peer sessions and multiparty conferences.

The Monitoring Server architecture includes the following components:

As the following figure shows, the CDR Agent and QoE Agent both reside on each Front End Server. Each agent writes records to Microsoft Message Queuing (also known as MSMQ); these records are then read by Monitoring Server. Monitoring Server then writes the records to the CDR database or QoE database, as appropriate. Monitoring Server also sends the information to the SCOM Server for the monitoring of A/V health, if the SCOM Pack is deployed.

Figure 1. Monitoring Server topology

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