The Mediation Server Performance report lists the metrics achieved by one or more Mediation during the specified time period. The metrics for the unified communications (UC)-to-Mediation Server leg and the Mediation Server-to-Gateway leg of each call are reported separately. Use this report to compare the volume and performance of your various Mediation Servers.

For each Mediation Server (and for each call leg), the report displays the following:

You can sort the results by each column. You can click a Mediation Server name to see the list of calls handled by that server, and the quality scores for each individual call. In this listing of individual calls, the overall average scores for that Mediation Server’s calls are shown at the top of each column.

The jitter values reported for the Mediation Server-PSTN Gateway leg of calls may be abnormally high and inaccurate due to interoperability issues between OCS Mediation Server and some PSTN Gateways. Consistently high jitter values (more than thousands of ms between a the Mediation Server and the gateway) can result from this issue. 


You can filter the data in this report based on the following:

  • Server name.Select to see data for all the Mediation Servers being monitored, or only the servers you select.

  • Exclude External Calls.Select this to exclude calls where either the sender or receiver are located outside of the enterprise network. Note that this is Trueby default; select Falseto include external calls in the report.

  • Client Type.Use this filter to view the quality of calls on specific client types, such as Office Communicator, Office Communicator Phone Edition, and Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Attendant.


  • Unified communications-to-public switched telephone network (UC-to-PSTN) calls are reporting lower-than-expected quality scores. You use this report to isolate the majority of the bad calls to the Mediation Server-Gateway leg of two of your Mediation Servers, which both connect to the same PSTN gateway.

    Searching the report by the various metrics, you might find that the Conversational MOS, Sending MOS, and Listening MOS are the low-scoring metrics. This could indicate a hardware or software bug on the PSTN gateway, which degrades audio quality in areas such as gain control, silence suppression, or transcoding.

    However, if you find that the low-scoring metrics are packet loss, latency and jitter, the problem could be duplex mismatches on the network link between the Mediation Server and the gateway, or another network-related problem.

  • A particular Mediation Server consistently has low scores for some calls in the UC-to-Mediation Server leg. You might find that those calls require transmission across a wide area network (WAN) link from the endpoints to the Mediation Server, indicating the performance of that WAN link is the problem.

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