If you installed SQL Server Reporting Services, you can obtain reports that are based on the data that Monitoring Server collects and uses to calculate mean opinion scores (MOS). You view these reports at the Reporting Service instance that you specified during setup. For details about installing SQL Server Reporting Services to use with Monitoring Server, see Install SQL Server Reporting Servicesin the Deploying Monitoring Server documentation.

You need the Windows Internet Explorer 7 Internet browser or Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for Windows with all service packs applied on the computer which you plan to view the reports. You also must have scripting enabled on the Monitoring Server.

Whether or not you use SQL Server Reporting Services, you can also create your own reports.

The reports are described in the following sections. Each section includes scenarios illustrating when using that report might be useful. The final section provides more complex scenarios that require the use of multiple reports to solve a problem.