The User Call List report lists all call activity for a specified user within a specified time period. This is most useful for troubleshooting when a particular user complains on call quality issues. The report shows a snapshot of calls sorted by scenario, and the administrator can possibly determine whether the quality issues stem from a certain Front End Server or Mediation Server, or the user’s own equipment.

To select a user, type their username, Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) URI (for example, lolaj,, or in the URIbox.

In the data display, the user’s calls are bucketed together according to scenario, with metrics averaged for each scenario. The buckets can be expanded so that the administrator can examine the details of each individual call.

You can sort the results by each column. Overall quality score averages for this user’s calls are shown at the top of each data column.


  • When a particular user complains of call quality, you can use this report to look up their call records. You might be able to isolate their problem to a particular device, or being homed on a Mediation Server or A/V Conferencing Server that is experiencing problems. Alternatively, if the user has performance problems through all scenarios, they may have a slow computer or network connection.

  • If several users are complaining of occasional bad quality in calls with another specific user, you could use this report to examine all calls of the user who is involved in all the bad calls. You may find that the bad calls occur in off-hours, when the user is home. This may indicate the user has a bad device or especially noisy environment at home.