In order to begin archiving, you must start the services on the Archiving Server. Ensure that the SQL Server service (that is, MSSQL Server) has started before you start the Archiving service (that is, RTCLog).

To start archiving

  1. Ensure that the computer that is running SQL Server is running. If the Archiving Server and the SQL Server service are on the same computer, ensure that the SQL Server service starts first.

  2. Log on as a member of the RTCUniversalUserAdminsgroup to a server that has the Communications Server tools and that is located in the same forest as the Office Communications Server that is running the Archiving Server.

  3. Click Start, click Control Panel, click Administrative Tools, and then click Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

  4. Expand the Forestnode, expand the Archiving Serversnode, right-click the Archiving Server, and then click Start.