You can use the Group Chat Administration Tool to create categories and chat rooms, define their scope and membership, create federated users and groups, manage how users can use the chat rooms, and specify which users are administrators.

The Group Chat Administration Tool can be installed and run from any computer on the network. Unlike the Group Chat Server Configuration Tool, it does not have to be installed on the computer where the Group Chat Server resides. The Group Chat Server Configuration Tool is installed side-by-side with the server and can only be run from the computer where the server is installed.

Use of the Group Chat Administration Tool is limited to users who have been granted Chat Room Administrator rights. When you install Group Chat Server, you specify one or more users as super users on the system. These users have Chat Room Administrator rights. If other users require these rights, a Chat Room Administrator must connect to the Group Chat Administration Tool and then assign the rights. For details about managing user permissions in Group Chat, see Managing Group Chat User Access.

For details about using the tools, see Opening the Group Chat Administration Tooland Opening the Server Configuration Tool.

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