The registry keys listed in Table 1 are shared between the Microsoft Office Live Meeting client and Microsoft Office Communicator. When you install one client, these registry keys are created and provisioned for both clients. If a user changes their account information manually in one client, the account information will change in the other client.

Instead of requiring users to enter their account settings manually, administrators may want to configure these registry keys during client deployment. Otherwise, administrators will need to provide instructions to users about how to enter account settings.

Table 1. Registry keys shared between Office Communicator and the Office Live Meeting client

Registry Key Description


Specifies the server name or IP address used by a federated contact when connecting from outside the external firewall.


Specifies the server name or IP address used by the client when connecting from inside the organizations firewall.


Specifies the SIP URI used by the client when connecting to Office Live Meeting, the Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook, and Office Communicator sign-in name.


Defines the network protocol used by the client: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), or Transport Layer Security (TLS).