You can start or stop Office Communications Server 2007 R2 services, individually or all together, by using any of the following tools:

For details about the type of administrative actions that require you to restart a service, see Services That Must Be Restarted.

To start or stop an Office Communications Server 2007 R2 service

  1. Log on as a member of the RTCUniversalServerAdmins group to the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 server on which the service is running.

    To start or stop a service locally, you can log on as Local Administrator.
  2. Open Computer Management.

  3. In the console tree, expand Services and Applications, right-click Office Communications Server 2007 R2, and then do one of the following:

    • If the computer is running a single server role, click Startor Stop.

    • If the computer is running services for multiple server roles, point to Startor Stop, and then click the appropriate services for the server roles that you want to start or stop. (Services for server roles that are not installed on the server are not activated.)

    • If you want to stop all services that are running, point to Stop, and then click Stop all started Services.

    • If you want to start all services that are stopped, point to Start, and then click Start all stopped Services.

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