Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Group Chat Server offers compliance support for archiving a comprehensive record of activity on the system. If implemented, it records and archives the data (that is, chat, files, images, and so on) viewed by a user.

Before you install the Compliance service, set up the database where you want to store compliance data. This can be the Group Chat database or a separate database on the server hosting the Compliance service. For details about how to configure SQL Server for use with Group Chat, see Preparing Server Platformsand Setting Up SQL Server Accounts and Permissions.

While you can have only one active Compliance Server in a Group Chat pool at one time, you can install multiple standby Compliance Servers that you can switch to in case of failure. For details about installing and using backup Compliance Servers, see Compliance Server Backups.

The following topics describe how to install and configure compliance support for Group Chat.

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