Some Live Meeting 2007 features and behaviors can be configured by the administrator using Office Communications Server 2007 R2 in-band provisioning, or by the user through the Live Meeting 2007 Options dialog box. However, group policies take precedence over both of these methods.

If no policy is set for the Windows-based Live Meeting 2007 client or for the Conferencing Add-in for Outlook, default settings apply.

Computer policies are observed before user policies. Preferences are observed last. If a preference is set before policies are set, the preferences are not overwritten. If only one policy is set for a server or for a service, the preference will be used for the unset policies. If policies are removed, the previous preference settings will be used.

Live Meeting Group Policy is summarized in the following table.

You can configure these policy settings under both Computer Configuration and User Configuration, but the policy settings under Computer Configuration take precedence.

New group policies for Live Meeting R2

Policy Name Definition


Server Configuration has only one user configurable value ‘Server Configuration Number.’ This value must be changed if there are any changes to the Specify Transport settings. We recommend that this value be incremented each time the Specify Transport settings are changed. It is important to note the interaction between the Server Configuration key and the Specify Transport key. If you do set this key and you have not set the Specify Transport key then the DNS lookup will be used. If you are setting the Server Configuration by policy and the DNS lookup is not sufficient then you MUST configure the Specify Transport settings.


Set this if you are using a Service Portal. Only the Service Configuration Number and Portal URL are configurable (the others simply force needed registry entries to appear). Service Configuration Number is used to version your settings. Each time the Service Configuration Number is changed by policy it will force an automatic Test Connection in Live Meeting. Once a successful Test Connection has been done, Live Meeting will be configured for use with the Service. Portal URL is the value used to connect to your Service Portal. If you change this value then you must change the Service Configuration Number. We recommend that you just increment the Service Configuration number every time that you change the Portal URL.


Specifies how Live Meeting identifies the transport and server. If you enable this policy setting, you must specify the transport and either the server name or the server IP address that Live Meeting uses. If you disable this policy setting, Live Meeting uses a DNS lookup to identify the transport and the server. It is important to note the interaction between this key and the Server Configuration key. If you do not set this key and you have set the Server Configuration key then the DNS lookup will be used. If you are setting the Server Configuration by policy and the DNS lookup is not sufficient, you MUST use these settings.


When Live Meeting starts for the first time, it usually presents the user with a Test Connection dialog box. If you are setting either Server or Service by policy, it is advised that you turn this setting on.