Pools can be updated by using the UpdatePoolBackendaction.

UpdatePoolBackend Action

The UpdatePoolBackendaction updates an existing SQL Server back-end database while preserving the Enterprise pool. This procedure:

  • Should be run during a planned downtime period.

  • Requires you to stop each Enterprise Edition server within an Enterprise pool.

  • Requires that data be exported from old databases in a scale-up scenario and then imported into new back-end databases after the UpdatePoolBackendaction is completed.

  • Requires a user with RTCDomainServerAdminscredentials.

  • Requires the /PoolNameand /Poolbeparameters.

An example of the syntax for the UpdatePoolBackendaction follows.

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LCSCmd.exe /Forest[:<forest FQDN>] /Action:UpdatePoolBackend
/PoolName:<Pool Name> /PoolBE:<Pool BackEnd server
FQDN\SQL instance name>

Such as:

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LCSCmd.exe /Forest /Action:UpdatePoolBackend /PoolName:Pool01

For details about pools, such as Importing or Exporting settings, see Exporting and Importing Settings (Command Line).