Communicator Web Access is a specialized Web server that allows for instant messaging, Web conferencing, desktop sharing, and dial-in conference support for internal and external users who do not have access to Microsoft Office Communicator or cannot use the full client due to protocol or desktop limitations.

Communicator Web Access requires an internally deployed Web server, on which the specific supporting software for Communicator Web Access is deployed. The 2007 R2 version of Communicator Web Access requires Office Communications Server 2007 R2 to be deployed and makes use of the services exposed by the Front End to provide IM and presence. Communicator Web Access also relies on a Mediation Server and Web Conferencing Server for dial-in conferencing and application sharing.

Communicator Web Access is configured with virtual servers to accommodate both internal and external user types. The virtual servers are separated in such a manner that external users are only allowed access to the external virtual servers, and likewise for the internal user and internal virtual servers. However, it is possible to use a single virtual server for both internal and external access.

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