The CheckStatusaction is used in offline certificate request scenarios to check the status of a pending certificate request. The /CheckStatusaction requires the following syntax.

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LCSCmd.exe /Cert /Action:CheckStatus /requestId:<pending
request-id> /ca:<certification authority in the form
<CAFQDN>\<CAName>> [/caAccount:<Account in the
form <CADomain>\<CAUser> or
<CAComputer>\<CAUser>>] [/caPassword:<Password
for the CA account>] [/L:<log file path>]

Such as:

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LcsCmd.exe /Cert /Action:CheckStatus /requestId:5 /ca:mydomain\myCA


Parameter Description


Executes the selected certificate task on the current computer.


Takes a string that specifies the action name. Valid action names include Request, CheckStatus, ImportResponse, ImportPFX, ExportPFX, ListCA, and ImportCAChain.


Specifies the pending certificate request identifier.


Specifies the certification authority to use for online certificate requests in the form <CA FQDN>\<CA Name>. This parameter is required for online certificate requests.


Specifies an account that is recognized by the CA and has privileges to request certificates (if integrated authentication is not desired). This parameter is ignored if CredMan is not available.


Specifies the password to be used with /caAccount. This parameter is ignored if /caAccountis not specified.


Specifies the log file path. If not specified, %TEMP%\<ActionName>[<Date>][<Time>].html is used. To disable logging, use a dash character (-) as the log file name.


Specifies whether the log file to be generated should be in XML format instead of HTML.


Shows Help on usage.