When you use the .msi to install the meeting client on user’s computers, you can select the silent installation option, which means that you suppress the installer interface so that the users do not see it or interact with it. To silently install the meeting client, use the /qncommand-line option.

To install the meeting client

To verify installation

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007, and then click Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007.

  2. Click the title bar down arrow in the upper left of the meeting window, and then click Open User Accounts.

  3. Under Server, type a sign-in name account information or verify that the sign-in name listed is correct in the Sign-in namebox.

  4. Click Test Connection, and then verify that your Live Meeting login information is successfully verified. If you are using an account that has scheduling capabilities, the Welcome to Microsoft Office Live Meetingpage contains a Meet Nowbutton.

  5. Click Meet Now, and then click Continue.

  6. In the Office Live Meeting client, click Meeting, and then verify that the status is Connected.

  7. In the Voice & Videopane, click Options, and then click Set Up Audio and Video. Use the wizard to select audio and video settings. Verify that you can use audio and video.

  8. Click Content, click Share, and then click Upload File (View Only).

  9. Select a document, click Open, and then verify that the file is added to the Office Live Meeting.