The RemovePoolaction removes an Office Communications Server Enterprise pool, the Enterprise pool Back-End Configuration Database, and the pools Active Directory information – including Pool and Trusted Server objects. It does not apply to a Standard Edition installation.

We recommend that you run this action after Office Communications Server users are relocated to another pool and all Enterprise Edition servers in the pool are deactivated. The Enterprise pool Back-End User Database can also be removed by specifying the /Keepdb:Falseparameter. The /Forceparameter avoids normal action requirements such as data recovery scenarios. Other points to remember when undertaking this action include:

An example of the syntax for the RemovePoolaction follows.

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LCSCmd.exe /Forest[:<forestFQDN>] /Action:RemovePool
/PoolName:<PoolName> [/Keepdb] [/Force]

Such as:

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LCSCmd.exe /Forest /Action:RemovePool /PoolName:Pool01 /Keepdb