The global meeting policy contains three policy flags that administrators must enable for conferencing to be available to users. By default, these flags are turned off. These flags are EnableDataCollaboration, AllowIPAudio, and AllowIPVideo.

  • EnableDataCollaboration. Controls the ability to perform the following activities:

    • Start a Meet Nowmeeting in the Office Communications Server meeting client.

    If the Enable Data Collaboration flag disabled, the Meet Nowoption defaults to Office Live Meeting service. If the user is not configured for the Office Live Meeting service, the Meet Nowoption is hidden.
    • Schedule a meeting using Office Live Meeting from within the Conferencing Add-in for Outlook.

    • Start a meeting using Office Live Meeting from within Office Communicator.

  • AllowIPAudio. Controls the availability of audio conferencing.

  • AllowIPVideo. Controls the availability of video conferencing.

To enable these Web conferencing features, turn on all these policy flags by editing the appropriate meeting policy.