To prepare the schema of the current forest
  1. Log on to a server in your forest as a member of the Schema Admins group and with Administrator rights on the Schema Master.

  2. From the Office Communications Server installation folder or CD, run SetupSE.exe to start the deployment tool.

  3. Click Prepare Environment.

  4. Click Prepare Active Directory.

  5. At Prep Schema, click Run.

  6. On the Welcome to the Schema Preparation Wizard page, click Next.

  7. Click Default: Schema files are located in the same directory as Setup.

  8. Click Next.

  9. On the Ready to Prepare Schemapage, verify your current settings and then click Next.

  10. On the Schema Preparation Wizard has completedpage, click View Log.

  11. Under the Actioncolumn, expand Schema Prep, look for <Success>Execution Result at the end of each task to verify that schema preparation completed successfully, close the log, and then click Finish.

  12. Wait for Active Directory replication to complete or force replication to all the domain controllers listed in the Active Directory Sites and Servicessnap-in for the forest root domain controller. Force replication between the domain controllers in all Active Directory sites to cause replication within the sites to occur within minutes.

  13. Manually verify that schema preparation ran successfully and that the schema changes replicated to root domain and child domains, as described in Walkthrough: Manually verify schema preparation and replication.

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