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Topic Last Modified: 2010-06-23

As part of Enterprise Voice deployment, configure a trunk between a Mediation Server and one or more of the following to provide PSTN connectivity for Enterprise Voice clients and devices in your organization:

For more information, see “PSTN Connectivity” in the Planning documentation.

Before you begin trunk configuration, verify that the topology has been created and that the Mediation Server and its peer have been configured and associated with one another as described in “Define a Peer of the Mediation Server for a Site” in the Deployment documentation.
As a part of trunk configuration, you can enable the Communications Server 2010 media bypass feature, which allows media to bypass the Mediation Server. Trunks can be configured either with or without media bypass enabled, but we strongly recommend that you enable it. For more information, see “Media Bypass” in the Planning documentation.

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Use the steps in the following content as appropriate to configure all trunks in your Enterprise Voice topology:

Configure Media Bypass on a Trunk

Configure a Trunk Without Media Bypass

Defining Translation Rules