[This is pre-release documentation and subject to change in future releases. This topic's current status is: Milestone-Ready]

Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-19

The components that you deploy are specific to the server role which you are deploying and the options you specified in your published topology. Step 2 of the deployment wizard activates the core Communications Server components defined in your topology.

To install Communications Server components

  1. In the Communications Server 2010 (Beta Refresh) – Deployment Wizard, on the Communications Server 2010 (Beta Refresh) page, next to Step 2: Setup or Remove Communications Server Components, click Run.

  2. On the Setup Communications Server Components page, click Next to set up components as defined in the published topology.

  3. When Communications Server components setup completes, click Finish.

  4. If you are prompted to restart the computer (which may be required if Windows Media Format Runtime was not already installed on the computer), do so, repeat Step 2 in the Deployment Wizard, and when it successfully completes, click Finish.