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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-17

In Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2, a separate validation wizard was available to help validate connectivity between Edge Servers and internal servers. In Microsoft Communications Server 2010 validation of connectivity is done automatically when you install your Edge Servers.

You can validate the replication of configuration information to the edge by running the Windows PowerShell Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus cmdlet on the internal computer on which the Central Management database is located (or any domain joined computer on which Communications Server 2010 Core Components (OcsCore.msi) is installed. Initial results may indicate the status as "False" instead of "True" for replication. If so, run the Invoke-CsManagementStoreReplication cmdlet and allow time for the replication to complete before running the Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus again.

You can verify external user connectivity separately, including using the Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer to verify remote user connectivity. For details, see Verify Connectivity for External Users.