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Topic Last Modified: 2010-06-29

A PSTN usage record specifies a class of call (such as internal, local, or long distance) that can be made by various users or groups of users in an organization. For more information, see “PSTN Usage Records” in the Planning documentation.

The PSTN Usage tab is a read-only display for viewing PSTN usage records. You can configure PSTN usage records only from the Create Voice Policy and Modify Voice Policy dialog boxes. For more information, see Create a Voice Policy and Configure PSTN Usage Records or Modify a Voice Policy and Configure PSTN Usage Records.

To view a PSTN usage record

  1. Open Communications Server Control Panel.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click Voice Routing.

  3. Click the PSTN Usage tab.

  4. Highlight the PSTN usage record you want to view and select Show details from the Edit menu.

    A read-only display of the selected PSTN usage record shows the associated routes and associated voice policies.

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