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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-14

If you provide branch-site resiliency, if a branch site’s WAN connection to a central site fails or if the central site is unreachable, the following voice features should continue to be available:

  • Inbound and outbound PSTN calls

  • Intra-site and inter-site calls

  • Call hold, retrieve, and transfer

  • User authentication and authorization

  • Depositing and retrieving voicemail

  • Call forwarding, simultaneous ringing, and boss-administrator and team calling features

  • Call Detail Records

  • Two-party intra-site instant messaging and audio-video conferencing

  • PSTN dial-in conferencing with Conferencing Auto-Attendant

  • Voicemail capabilities, if you configure voicemail rerouting settings. (For more information, see Branch-Site Resiliency Requirements.)

The following features will be available only if your resiliency solution is a full-scale Microsoft Communications Server 2010 deployment at the branch site:

  • IM, Web and A/V conferencing

  • Presence and DND-based routing

  • Updating call forwarding settings

  • Response Group Service and Call Park

  • Provisioning new phones and clients