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Topic Last Modified: 2010-03-31

You enable and configure remote access to control whether remote users can collaborate with internal Communications Server users. Remote users have a persistent Active Directory identity within the organization. They include employees working at home or on the road and other remote workers, such as trusted vendors, who have been granted enterprise credentials. Remote users can create and join conferences and act as presenters.

You can control remote access on two levels:

To configure remote access

  1. Open Communications Server Control Panel.

  2. Click External Access, click Access Edge Policy, and then do one of the following:

    1. To create a new global policy, click New, and then click Site policy. In Select a Site, click the appropriate site from the list and then click OK.

    2. To create a new user policy click New, and then click User policy. In Create Access Edge Policy, create a unique name in the Name field that indicates what the user policy covers (for example, EnableRemoteUsers for a user policy that enables communications with remote users).

    3. To modify an existing policy, click the appropriate policy listed in the table, click Edit, and then click Modify.

  3. To enable remote user access, select the Enable communications with remote users check box.

  4. Click Commit.

  5. Click Access Edge Configuration, click the appropriate policy listed in the table, and then click Modify.

  6. In Edit Access Edge Configuration, select the Enable remote user access check box.

  7. Click Commit.