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Topic Last Modified: 2010-04-23

Before you can deploy a SIP trunk, you and your service provider must exchange some basic connection information about your respective SIP trunk end points.

Get the following information for each service provider proxy (SPP) you will connect to:

The service provider may have you connect to more than one SPP. In that case, you must configure a connection between each SPP and each server in your pool.

The information you give to your service provider depends on your SIP trunk connection type:

You must set up at least one SIP trunk for every server in your pool.

Deployment Process

To implement the Communications Server 2010 side of the SIP trunk connection, follow these steps:

  1. Using the Communications Server Deployment Builder, create and configure the SIP domain topology.

  2. Using the Communications Server 2010 Control Panel, configure voice routing for the new SIP domain.

  3. Test connectivity.