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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-18

The steps that you follow in your deployment of Enterprise Voice depend on your existing topology, infrastructure, and the Enterprise Voice functionality you want to support for users in your topology. While the required steps are different depending on what features you choose, there are considerations that you must make at a high level.

In general, consider the type and number of sites you have deployed and their geographical locations, the call volume of each site, the types of network links you have between sites, whether you want to provide redundancy and failover for Voice functionality for each site, and whether you want to use existing PBX equipment. Certain considerations, such as high availability, are taken into account when you plan for Microsoft Communications Server 2010 as a whole and are reiterated in topics throughout this section as needed.

Feature Planning Considerations

For planning decisions that pertain to the deployment of a particular Enterprise Voice capability or deployment scenario or component, consult the topics in this section: