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Topic Last Modified: 2010-04-14

A Microsoft SIP Processing Language (MSPL) server application is a script-only application that uses a scripting language instead of the Communications Server API. MSPL provides more granular control over filtering and proxy behaviors, as well as a facility for dispatching specific messages to transaction-based SIP applications. MSPL is used specifically for filtering and routing SIP messages. MSPL applications run in the same process as the UserServices module, while a program that is based on the Communications Server API runs in a separate process.

You can use the Server Application tab in the Topology section of Communications Server Control Panel to see a list of MSPL server applications that run on Front End Servers in your Communications Server 2010 environment. The list shows the scripts that are available for each pool, as well as whether they are enabled or critical.

The scripts run in the order they are listed. These scripts include the following:

Scripts that run on Edge Servers include the following:

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