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Topic Last Modified: 2010-03-28

The Mediation Server has extended capabilities so that it can correctly interact with Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) service providers. No special configuration is needed on the Mediation Server; the SIP extensions required for E9-1-1 interaction are, by default, included in the Mediation Server’s SIP protocol for its interactions with a gateway peer (IP-PSTN gateway, IP-PBX, or the SBC of an Internet Telephony Service Provider, including E9-1-1 Service Providers)

Whether the SIP trunk to an E9-1-1 Service Provider can be terminated on an existing Mediation Server pool or will require standalone Mediation Servers will depend on whether the E9-1-1 SBC can interact with a pool of Mediation Servers as detailed in Multiple Gateway Support