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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-17

After you publish your topology, the Communications Server 2010 Deployment Wizard requires access to the Central Management database data in order to start the deployment process on the server. In the internal network, the data is accessible directly from the servers, but Edge Servers that are not in the internal domain cannot access the data. To make the topology configuration data available for deployment of an Edge Server, you must export the topology data to a file and copy it to external media (such as a USB drive or a network share that is accessible from the Edge Server) before running the Deployment Wizard on the Edge Server. Use the following procedure to make your topology configuration data available on the Edge Server you are deploying.

After you install Communications Server 2010on an Edge Server, you manage the Edge Server using the administrative tools in the internal network, which automatically replicate configuration to any Edge Servers in your deployment. The only exception is assigning and installing certificates, as well as stopping and starting services, which must be done on the Edge Server.

To make your topology data available on an Edge Server

  1. Open Communications Server Management Shell.

  2. In the Communications Server Management Shell, run the following cmdlet:

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    Export-CsConfiguration -FileName <ConfigurationFilePath.zip>
  3. Copy the exported file to external media (such as a USB drive or a network share that will be accessible from the Edge Server during deployment).