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Topic Last Modified: 2010-07-18

To test the deployment

  1. Add the Administrator of the computer on which Communications Server Control Panel is installed to the CSAdministrator group.

  2. Use the Administrator account to log on to the computer where Communications Server Control Panel is installed.

  3. Start Communications Server Control Panel and provide credentials, if prompted. Communications Server Control Panel displays deployment information.

  4. In the left Navigation bar, click Topology, and then confirm that there is a green check mark next to each Microsoft Communications Server 2010 server role that has been deployed and brought online.

  5. In the left Navigation bar, click Users, and then enable the two users for Communications Server 2010.

  6. Log one user on to a computer that is joined to the domain, and the other user on to another computer in the domain.

  7. Install Communicator on each of the two client computers, and then verify that both users can sign in to Communications Server 2010.