Public Properties (see also Protected Properties )

  Name Description
AllowedAuthenticationProtocols Gets the allowed set of authentication protocols to be used for this endpoint.
AllowNoAuthentication Gets whether the client allows communication with a server that does not authenticate messages from this client.
ApplicationContext  Gets or sets the application context. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
ApplicationUserAgent  Gets or sets the application user agent string. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
AuthenticationProtocol Gets the authentication protocol currently in use with the server.
ConnectionManager  Gets or sets the connection manager. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
CredentialCache Gets the credentials cache needed to authenticate the application with servers.
DefaultPeerToPeerEndpointConnectionManager  Get the default connection manager for SipPeerToPeerEndpoint. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
DefaultSipEndpointConnectionManager  Get the default connection manager for SipEndpoint. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
DesiredSessionTimerInterval  Gets or sets the desired session timer interval of the application. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
DisableRegisterRefreshForConnectionDrop Gets or sets whether automatic register refresh is allowed due to connection drop.
DisplayName  Gets or sets the user name preferred by the application for the local user. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
Gruu  Gets or sets the Gruu of the endpoint, if any. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
Id  Gets the Id for this endpoint. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
IsEndpointThrottled Gets and sets whether the endpoint should be throttled.
IsSessionTimerSupported  Gets or sets the default policy used for the session timer. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
MaximumRegisterRedirectionAttempts Gets or sets the number of redirect attempts allowed for registration.
MinimumSessionTimerInterval  Gets or sets the minimum session interval. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
RegisterMethods Gets or sets the methods supported by this endpoint to be specified in the Register message.
RegistrationState Gets the registration state of the endpoint.
ReliableProvisionalResponsePolicy  Gets or sets the default policy for supporting 100rel extension feature. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
Server Gets the server currently used by the endpoint.
ServerPort Gets the port used to connect to the server.
SipInstance Gets and sets the sipInstance parameter value used in the contact header for Register.
TransportType Gets the transport type used for connecting to the server.
Uri  Represents the Uri of the identity owning this endpoint. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
UserAgent  Gets the user agent string used for messages. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
Uuid Gets the universally unique identifier (UUID) of the endpoint.

Protected Properties

  Name Description
SyncRoot  Gets the SyncRoot of this endpoint. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )

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