Class Description
AuthenticationException Defines the exception thrown when an authentication-related error occurs.
CollectionChangedEventArgs Returns data from the CollectionChanged event.
ConnectionFailureException Defines the exception thrown when a network connection could not be made.
ConnectionPool Represents a connection pool.
ContentDescription Represents the base class for all media descriptions.
DiagnosticHeader Provides information useful for diagnostics.
EndpointStateChangedEventArgs Returns data from the EndpointStateChanged event.
FailureResponseException Defines the exception thrown when a failure response is received.
FromToHeader Represents the From and To headers of a SIP message.
IncomingConnectionAddedEventArgs Returns data from the IncomingConnectionAdded event.
IncomingConnectionRemovedEventArgs Returns data from the IncomingConnectionRemoved event.
InvitationAcceptedEventArgs Returns data from the InvitationAccepted event.
MessageParsingException Defines the exception associated with a parsing of a header or a message.
MessageReceivedEventArgs Returns data from the MessageReceived event.
NameValuePair Represents a name-value pair.
OfferInInviteResponseEventArgs Returns data from the HandleOfferInInviteResponse event.
OfferInReInviteEventArgs Returns data from the HandleReInviteOfferReceived event.
OperationFailureException Defines the exception thrown when an operation fails.
OperationTimeoutException Defines the exception thrown when an operation times out.
Participant Represents a participant.
PublishSubscribeException Defines the exception associated with a publish/subscribe operation error.
RealTimeAddress Represents a real-time address.
RealTimeClientConnectionManager Provides services for managing client connections.
RealTimeConnection Represents a connection used by the endpoints.
RealTimeConnectionManager Provides advanced connection management for using endpoints.
RealTimeEndpoint Represents a real-time endpoint.
RealTimeException Represents the base class for all exceptions defined in the Unified Communications Managed API Version 1.0.
RealTimeServerConnectionManager Represents the server-class connection manager that enables listening for incoming connections.
RealTimeServerTcpConnectionManager Provides advanced connection management for using endpoints.
RealTimeServerTlsConnectionManager Provides advanced connection management for using endpoints.
RedirectingEventArgs Returns data from the Redirecting event.
ReferNotifier Lets the application set the various Refer states indicating progress.
ReferReceivedEventArgs Returns data from the ReferReceived event.
ReferStateChangedEventArgs Returns data from the ReferStateChanged event.
ReferStatus Represents the state of the Refer operation.
RegisterException Defines the exception thrown when an error occurs in the register operation.
RegistrationStateChangedEventArgs Returns data from the RegistrationStateChanged event.
RePublishingRequiredEventArgs Returns data from the RePublishingRequired event.
ResponseCode Provides frequently used response codes to be used when sending responses.
Sdp Parses or builds an SDP as defined by RFC 2327.
SdpAttribute Represents the "a" line from the SDP.
SdpBandwidth Represents the "b" line from the SDP.
SdpConnection Represents an IP address or a host name found in the SDP.
SdpDescription Defines an SDP description object.
SdpEncryptionKey Represents a "k" line from the SDP.
SdpGlobalDescription Represents the global section of the SDP.
SdpMediaDescription Represents a media section of the SDP.
SdpOrigin Represents the "o" line in the SDP.
SdpParseStatus Represents parsing status and provides utility routines used in parsing.
SdpWriter Represents a class to serialize an SDP.
ServerPolicyException Defines the exception thrown when an operation is rejected because of server policy.
SessionReceivedEventArgs Returns data from the SipRequestReceived event.
SignalingHeader Represents the signaling header that can be added by applications.
SignalingHeaderParser Parses a SignalingHeader object into its components.
SignalingParticipant Represents a participant in a session.
SignalingPropertyChangedEventArgs Returns information indicating which properties have changed.
SignalingSession Represents an INVITE-based two-party session.
SignalingStateChangedEventArgs Returns data from the SignalingStateChanged event.
SipCredentialCache Provides storage for multiple name-password pairs and associates these with the realm.
SipEndpoint Represents a registration server-based endpoint.
SipMessageData Captures information in a SIP request or response message.
SipPeerToPeerEndpoint Represents an endpoint with no registration server.
SipRequestData Captures information in an incoming SIP request.
SipRequestReceivedEventArgs Returns data from the SipRequestReceived event.
SipResponseData Captures information in a SIP response.
SipResponseReceivedEventArgs Returns data from the SipResponseReceived event.
SipServiceRequest Sends a service request to the server.
SipSubscription Provides low-level subscription and notification.
SipUriParameter Represents a SIP URI parameter.
SipUriParser Defines a class to parse a SIP URI.
StateChangedEventArgs Represents a generic class for reporting the StateChanged event.
SubscriptionStateChangedEventArgs Returns information from the SubscriptionStateChanged event.
TimerItem Defines a timer item.
TimerWheel Defines a queue of expiring items.
TlsFailureException Defines the exception thrown when there is a connection issue due to the use of TLS.
UnhandledExceptionManager Defines a handler for unhandled exceptions from worker threads.


Interface Description
IOfferAnswer Defines the contract to be implemented by the caller of a signaling session for media offer/answer negotiation.
ISipSubscriptionProcessor Represents the interface to be implemented by users of the SipSubscription class.


Delegate Description
UnhandledThreadPoolExceptionHandler Raised when an unhandled exception occurs in a thread pool used by the platform.


Enumeration Description
AuthenticationFailureReason Enumerates the reasons for authentication-related failures.
EndpointState Enumerates possible states for an endpoint.
EndpointTransitionReason Enumerates the reasons for state transitions.
ExtensionFeatureSupport Enumerates values for extension feature support.
MessageType Enumerates the message types supported by the SendMessage API.
OperationFailureReason Enumerates reasons for the failure of an operation.
ParsingFailureReason Enumerates the reasons for parsing failures.
ParticipantPropertyChanges Enumerates participant properties that have changed.
ParticipateState Enumerates the participate states of Activity and CollaborationSession objects.
RedirectAction Enumerates redirect actions.
ReferState Enumerates the states of the signaling session.
RegistrationState Enumerates the registration states.
RegistrationTransitionReason Enumerates the reasons for state transitions.
SdpEncryptionMethod Enumerates the SDP encryption methods used in the "k" line of an SDP.
SignalingState Enumerates the states of the signaling session.
SignalingTransitionReason Enumerates the possible reasons for signaling state transitions.
SipAuthenticationProtocols Enumerates the supported authentication protocols.
SipSubscription.RequestType Enumerates SIP subscription request types.
SipTransportType Enumerates SIP transport types.
SubscriptionSignalingState Enumerates the possible states of the SipSubscription object.
TlsFailureReason Indicates possible reasons for TLS failure.
TransitionReason Indicates whether the subscription state transition is caused by the server or the client.