Public Properties (see also Protected Properties )

  Name Description
ApplicationContext  Gets or sets the application context. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
ApplicationUserAgent  Gets or sets the application user agent string. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
ConnectionManager Gets the connection manager used by the endpoint.
DefaultPeerToPeerEndpointConnectionManager  Get the default connection manager for SipPeerToPeerEndpoint. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
DefaultSipEndpointConnectionManager  Get the default connection manager for SipEndpoint. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
DefaultTransport Gets the default transport.
DesiredSessionTimerInterval  Gets or sets the desired session timer interval of the application. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
DisableAutomaticRetryForRetryAfter Gets or sets whether the endpoint should retry requests for failed responses that contain a retry-after header.
DisplayName  Gets or sets the user name preferred by the application for the local user. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
Gruu  Gets or sets the Gruu of the endpoint, if any. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
Id  Gets the Id for this endpoint. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
IsSessionTimerSupported  Gets or sets the default policy used for the session timer. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
MinimumSessionTimerInterval  Gets or sets the minimum session interval. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
ReliableProvisionalResponsePolicy  Gets or sets the default policy for supporting 100rel extension feature. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )
State Gets the current state of the endpoint.
Uri Overridden. Gets the URI of the endpoint.
UserAgent  Gets the user agent string used for messages. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )

Protected Properties

  Name Description
SyncRoot  Gets the SyncRoot of this endpoint. (inherited from RealTimeEndpoint )

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