Public Properties

  Name Description
CallId Gets the session ID.
Connection Gets the connection used by this signaling session.
DesiredSessionTimerInterval Gets and sets the desired session timer interval for the application, in seconds.
Endpoint Gets the endpoint associated with the session.
FromTag Gets the tag used in the "From" header.
Grid Gets or sets the grid context for this session.
IsSessionTimerSupported Gets or sets whether the session supports a session timer.
LocalParticipant Gets the local participant of the session.
MinimumSessionExpiresInterval Gets and sets the minimum session expires interval value, in seconds, of the session.
OfferAnswerNegotiation Gets and sets the media negotiation callback interface implemented by the caller.
ReliableProvisionalResponsePolicy Gets or sets the default policy for supporting 100rel extension feature.
RemoteParticipant Gets the remote participant of the session.
SessionTarget Gets the target of the session.
SessionTimerInterval Gets the session timer interval, in seconds.
State Gets the state of the session.
ToTag Gets the tag used in the "To" header.

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