After a conversation is created, you can add audio to the conversation by creating an audio/video call.

The remote participant for the call is inferred from type of conversation. For a two-party conversation, the remote participant is the remote client. For a conference conversation, the remote participant is an Audio/Video Multipoint Control Unit (AV MCU), the remote participants are accessible through the conference participant list. The default media type is used to find a matching provider when the call is established. Incoming calls with no Session Description Protocol (SDP) INVITE message (for example, incoming calls routed through a PBX) are assumed to be audio calls. This assumption is made due to the most common scenario for SDP-less INVITE involving Gateway interop/back-to-backing being where the core service provided is voice.

The following code demonstrates how to add audio to a conversation.

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AudioVideoCall avCall = new AudioVideoCall(conversation);