UserGate Mail Server is a full function mail server with POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SSL support. UserGate Mail Server major features include domains local and remote accounts support, distribution lists support, LDAP and Webmail directory services synchronization, integrated antivirus and anti-spam modules as well as a powerful and flexible rules system.

Mail security in UserGate Mail Server is provided by two integrated antivirus modules from Kaspersky Lab and Panda Security. Both antivirus modules are intended for mail traffic scanning and can be used separately or jointly for successive message scanning.

For antispam protection, in addition to the standard filtering features (a white list and a black list), UserGate Mail Server uses two full function modules from Commtouch and SpamAssassin. The Commtouch module is built with a unique filter, based on a proprietary RPD (Recurrent-Pattern Detection) algorithm that identifies spam by its primary feature - frequency of occurrence. Unlike other antispam filter vendors, Commtouch does not provide filter updates based on a typical content definitions database: its product scans mail traffic for spam patterns.

The SpamAssassin antispam module is an extendable mail filter used for spam identification. The module filters messages by successively passing them through a series of tests. Each test has a certain "value." If a message passes a test, the value is added to the total score. The value may be both positive and negative; all positive values are called "spam." The message passes all tests, after which the module calculates the total score. Higher scores mean higher possibility that the message is spam.