Configuring Message Routing

Microsoft Mail Address Spaces

A Microsoft Mail address consists of a display name (of up to 55 alphanumeric characters) and the following required information:

Attribute Description Contents
Network name 1 through 10 alphanumeric characters
Postoffice name 1 through 10 alphanumeric characters
Mailbox name The mailbox name on the remote Microsoft Mail system to which you're connecting

The following is an example of a Microsoft Mail address:


The address type MS and the forward slash (/) delimiter between each address attribute are entered automatically when you use the Microsoft Mail template. No distinction is made between lowercase and uppercase characters.

Note   Some messaging systems connected to Microsoft Mail postoffices or servers cannot correctly handle network, postoffice, or mailbox names longer than eight characters. When connecting to such systems, continue to use the naming convention compatible with message transfer to these systems.

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